30 de junho de 2013

Mudanca de casa....

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Rogério G.V. Pereira disse...

Sigo-te, na nova morada...

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Luis Fidora disse...

Poemas do outro lado do Europa em Ingles pa tudo Brasileiros com muito, muito amor do corazao:

There are many Portuguese sayings about other cultures (usually against their Former Colonies, Spain, and assorted Racist sayings toward everybody else on the Planet) but here are some of my absolute Favorites that make Fun of these Portugee just to be fair.

Portugués Dormido Com Cu Perdido which translates in Spanish to Portuguesito Dormido con el Culo Perdido, and in English it translates as Sleeping Portuguese with his anus all over the place. LOL, i love that one! This old saying pays homage to the Portuguese having taken it in the anus by the British for their 630+ year alliance; in a state of anal slumber and paralysis of course since it has ONLY benefited Britain at Portugal's expense LOL, LOL, what idiots!

Não é o mesmo dizendo uma merda do Portugal que o merda e Portugal which translates in Spanish to No es lo mismo decir una mierda de Portugal que Portugal es una mierda, and in English it translates as it's not the same to say a shit from Portugal than saying Portugal is shit. With lot's of Love amigos!

Remember, Portugal specializes in making comments that INSULT everybody on the planet, but as soon as YOU do the same to a Portugee, they IMMEDIATELY CALL GOOGLE AND COMPLAIN, want investigations, want websites shut down and so forth. WHY IS IT THAT PORTUGESE DISH-IT-OUT BUT CAN'T TAKE IT IN RETURN?
Ask yourselves that! Google (Blogger and Youtube) need to STOP being complicit in Portuguese RACIST/XENOPHOBIC doings on their platforms yet do NOTHING about it. WHY is that Google? The Portugese and Google are like the Pot calling the Kettle Black - HYPOCRITES!

Unknown disse...

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